Our Community


The Emerson-Hubbard Elementary School is located at 109 West 3rd Street.  Their phone number is 402-695-2654.

The Emerson-Hubbard Jr-Sr High School is located at 1503 Dakota Street.  Their phone number is 402-695-2636.


St. Luke's Lutheran Church

St Luke’s Lutheran Church
211 West 2nd Street
Phone: 402-695-2313
Richard Bloomquist, PMA


Sacred Heart Catholic Church
600 North Main
Parsonage Phone:  402-695-2342
Fr. Gerald Leise

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
103 West 3rd Street
Phone: 402-695-2184
Richard Bloomquist, PMA

Public Library

Emerson Public Library
205 W 3rd Street
Phone: 402-695-2449




American Broad Band

1612 Lincoln Street
Blair, NE 68008-0400
Phone: 402-426-6200
Toll-free: 888-262-2661
Fax: 402-533-1111
Website: www.huntel.net/home

Black Hills Energy
Utility Operations

P.O. Box 11739
Kansas City, Missouri 64138
Phone: 816-421-6600
Website: www.blackhillsenergy.com

Village Office

511 North Main
Emerson, NE 68733
Phone: 402-695-2662
Fax: 402-695-2183

Northeast Power

Tracy Golden, Manager
303 Logan, Box 350
Wayne, NE 68787
Phone: 800-750-9277
Fax: 402-375-1233
Website: www.nnppd.com


Toll Free: 1-800-475-7526
Website: www.qwest.com